Why Did I Start Honey & Rouge?

I was predominantly raised by a badass single mother who did a fantastic job of juggling two kids while pursuing her ambitious career. Growing up in a house of entirely women got me headed down the feminist road pretty early. She and my father instilled in my sister and I that we were strong, smart and beautiful–instead of just beautiful. While this grounded me in a lot of ways and definitely made me focus on other things aside from my appearance, I was still bombarded with women's magazines telling me how I was supposed to look, and ways to lose weight to get there. I dealt with a low-level eating disorder of my own and watched friends deal with various body insecurities and disorders in an attempt to achieve the perfect model body plastered all over magazines. For a long time I wanted to be a fashion designer and was mesmerized by fashion photography. In college I became enthralled with feminist theory, but I was still in love with fashion. It was a constant struggle between the strong feminist in me that hated so much of how the fashion industry functioned and my love of the art of fashion. Right now, we are in a moment when many people are realizing the destructive nature of this industry and are starting to find ways to change it. I hope that Honey & Rouge can be part of that change.  

Photograph by Icarian Photography