What is Eco-Feminist Fashion?


So you might might be familiar with ecofeminism but wondering what eco-feminist fashion is all. Let's start with the feminist part. Feminist fashion is fashion that places women as subjects instead of objects.  This means that the women in the photographs are engaged with the camera and hold a certain amount of power.  Within fashion photographs this means that there is no  skin or body retouching. Brands that we feature might have a body positive campaign or be women owned. We also feature brands that embrace diversity and are owned by diverse groups of people, because if feminism isn't intersectional, what's the point?

When I started looking into brands to feature for the blog I realized that there were some brands that had really amazing body positive campaigns, but their clothes were made in cheap sweatshops with poor conditions, where women (and men) are essentially forced to work. It seems hypocritical to say you are a feminist but feature brands that aren't humanist, so I decided that sustainability needed to be a qualification for the brands that we feature. This means that we feature brands that are transparent about who makes their clothing and how it is made. 

There you have it. Eco-feminist fashion.