Be a Thrifting Queen


Devoting yourself to buying sustainable, ethically made clothes can definitely get expensive.  It costs more to run a sustainable business and those costs are often reflected in the price tags.  Luckily used clothes are actually the most environmentally friendly option and still allow you to stay fashionable and rock your own style.  Thrift, vintage and consignment stores are a fabulous resource for the fashion minded. But...thrifting can get a little overwhelming sometimes, so here are some helpful tips to help you become a thrifting queen.  

Buy clothes that you would still buy if they didn't have the discounted price tag:

You shouldn't buy a piece of clothing just because it is cheap.  It's easy to fall into the cheap trap at thrift stores and end up buying a bunch of clothes that you aren't in love with or don't fit you right.  Ultimately these clothes just clutter up your closet and you probably won't wear them more than a couple times.  Decide if you would buy the piece of clothing if it was full priced and if you wouldn't, don't waste your money or your closet space.

Look for quality clothes:

Buying clothes at a thrift store doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality.  Feel the fabric of the clothing, you can tell a lot about the quality just by how it feels.  Check the type of fiber to see if the piece will hold up after a couple wears [silk, wool & cotton tend to last longer than they won't absorb as much body odor when you wear them] Looking for brands that you know make quality clothes can also help you sort out the clothes worth buying.

Only try on clothes in your size:

This is one of the pitfalls that I always fall into when thrifting.  I see an item I really want and I just hope that it will magically be the perfect size when try it on. Bringing these items to the dressing room always causes me a fair amount of dressing room remorse.  When it is too small it makes me feel self conscious and on top of that, you are stuck carrying around extra clothes that won't fit.  It's always better just to check up front and avoid the hassle and sadness.

Take care of your second-hand clothes:

Getting a piece of clothing used doesn't mean that it can't last you a long time and become a staple in your wardrobe.  Some of my favorite items, that I've had for years, were gems that I found at thrift stores.  One of my favorite pairs of boots is a pair of Ariat ankle boots that I got for $20 at a vintage store.  Even though I didn't pay retail for them, I still treat them like the $200 boots that they are and they've lasted because of it. Putting a little extra care into your second-clothes will just make sure they last a little longer.