Lonely Lingerie


I’m in love with Lonely Lingerie. I came across this brand during my endless search for a new bra to replace my old worn out ones, that I am embarrassed to say I still owned from college. The straps were worn and stretched and the support just wasn’t there anymore...But finding bras that fit right and are made well is just such a pain, so I kept avoiding it. I’m not really sure how I finally found Lonely Lingerie but I was immediately taken by their tagline, “For women who wear lingerie as a love letter to themselves.” To see a lingerie label restructure the very idea of why women should wear lingerie was extremely empowering. They meld together the perfect blend of comfort and style so that women can claim their lingerie for themselves, not just as something they put on to appease the male gaze.

The company lives their tagline through their body positive campaigns and instagram, featuring a diverse group of women of all body types rocking their lingerie. It is so refreshing to see such a range of women represented. In contrast to unrealistically retouched women often seen on lingerie sites the models on their site have real bodies with human flaws such as stretch marks and small face blemishes. My only qualm with the brand is that the models wearing the styles on their website don’t have the same range of body types as in their other campaigns. Their mission, however, gives me hope that the fashion industry can change to represent real autonomous women that are sexually empowered beings not simply sexual objects.


As a bonus, Lonely Lingerie is also very transparent about where their clothes are made and who makes them. You can see photos of the factory they are made in and they are happy to answer your questions and give you more details if you email them (I did). Check out their website here.