The Importance of Voting with Your Dollar


This isn’t an overtly political blog but I would be remiss not to mention the ever growing importance of voting with your money. In the United States our political system feels bleaker by the day, with the deregulation of environmental protections and the attacks on Planned Parenthood. When Donald Trump was elected to office on November 8th I lost complete faith in our political process and am still distressed that someone so bigoted is representing our country, but I knew that I had to find other ways to fight back.

I still believe that you should go out to protests, call your senators and get involved in your local governments but in our capitalist society, maybe more important is the power of your dollar. This is what Honey & Rouge is all about. If you are fed up with the political system then take solace in that fact supporting businesses that uphold your ideals can have just as much of an impact as voting in an election.

By supporting local artisans, green sustainable businesses and companies that portray the true diversity in our country and the world, we are able to push back against the intolerance that is coming from the White House. By supporting these businesses we aren’t just buying products we are standing together and telling the Trumps of the world that even if they hold office, they don’t have all the power. Be aware of the ideals held by the companies you shop at; if we keep supporting companies whose actions we don’t support we are inadvertently supporting these actions. Assert the political power of your dollar!