Sunrise Alley




DRESS: Reformation

SHOES: Secondhand

BOLO TIE: Slate & Stone Jewelry

Although I don't do it often (I do like to sleep in), waking up early on Sundays and going to explore sleepy San Francisco is one of my favorite things to do. The streets are quiet and peaceful but you can still feel the hustle and bustle of the day before hanging in the air. For this look of the week my gracious model agreed to meet me at 7am so that we could catch the cool morning light. While San Francisco is known for the beautiful Victorians, the variation in architecture around the city transports you around the world, depending on which neighborhood you are in.

I really love this look because it feels so effortless but elegant. Made from soft linen it is a great dress to travel with. On the rack it looks a little bit like a sack but the belt and off-the shoulder details really complimented the model (I tried it on several models and it looked great on all of them). We paired this dress with simple sandals and a beautiful stone encrusted bolo tie to give the look a little more intrigue. This dress is a little on the pricier side so if it isn't something you want to save up and buy, take it as inspiration. A tie belt might transform an older dress that you no longer wear into something new and flattering.