Rothy's: The Perfect Flat


I am not usually one for simple shoes; you’ll often find me sporting stud covered flats or black velvet ankle boots but everyone needs a great pair of black flats. In the past I have always been careful when buying flats because they are often uncomfortable, get dirty too easily and wear out too quickly. Rothy’s was the perfect answer for all my flat woes.


Woven out of recycled plastic water bottles, Rothy’s puts sustainability first! When I got the box I was pleasantly surprised that not only are their shoes made with the well-being of the earth in mind but they also decrease waste by creating a shoebox that is also made to be shipped without extra packaging.

Rothy’s aim was to create a comfortable, versatile flat that could become a substitute for sneakers. They are now my go-to shoe when I am feeling lazy but still want to look polished. Last weekend I walked 6 miles around the city and still felt comfortable at the end of the day. Plus, as a bonus they are machine washable so they won’t get ruined even if you go dance the night away on a dirt dance floor. Rothy’s price point is a little higher than the typical flat but they are well worth supporting a sustainable company and get a shoe that will last for years.

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