Vintage Fendi


SHIRT: Vintage

PANTS: Second hand

PURSE: Second hand

Heading up to the Lyon Street Steps early on a Sunday morning I thought we would have the steps to ourselves but we ended up dodging people doing sprints up and down, but it was well worth it for the stunning views of San Francisco. Inspired by the vintage Fendi t-shirt that I found at a local thrift store, this look reminds me of the insane way that we place value on clothing. I was able to get this used t-shirt for a bargain while it would retail for $400-$700 new, for the brand name alone. Instead we should decide price based on the quality of the way our clothing is made. If clothing is at a higher price point it should be because they used high quality materials and the people who made it were paid fairly with safe working conditions. This look is a reminder for us to reassess how we determine the value of clothes.