Proclaim: An Inclusive Nude Bra

Even though I try to be aware of the privileges that I experience as a white woman, I am constantly confronted with small privileges that are so ingrained that I hadn’t even considered them. After working with a myriad of models, I was well aware of the issues that dark skinned models have with make-up tones but until I came across Proclaim I had yet to consider the oxymoron of the nude bra.

Generally nude bras are truly only nude for white-skinned women, not taking into account the range of skin tones that “nude” should encompass. Proclaim is moving to change our perception of the nude bra. Launching in the next couple weeks, they are starting with a Bold T-back bra in 3 shades of nude, with the potential to expand to more shades in the future.

I got to sit down with Shobha, the company’s founder to discuss her motivation for starting the company and her vision for its future.


Shobha started Proclaim after a lifetime of struggling to find a nude bra that blended in with her skin tone. Proclaim bralettes are named after women Shobha admires because on the occasion that she was able to find a brownish toned bra, they were always named after food, such as chocolate or caramel. She wanted to change from names that were objectifying to names that were powerful. The Nina is named after Nina Simone. The Frida is named after Frida Kahlo. And the Zaha is named after Zaha Hadid.


Shobha decided that it was also important for her bralettes to be produced sustainably and ethically. They are sewn locally in San Francisco from fabric made out of recycled water bottles that is manufactured in North Carolina.

I usually stray away from wearing bralettes because I feel like they don’t provide my breasts enough support but the double lining and wide band of the Frida was comfortable enough to wear to work without worry. It has the all the comfort of a bralette, with the shapeliness of a bra.

Proclaim is launching this month. Check out their website for more details.