Les Femmes

New to the scene, Les Femmes, an online sustainable boutique, was launched in February by its founder, Taylor Markel. For Taylor, Les Femmes came about as part of her own personal journey with holistic living, from eating organically to the products she would use. Her switch to sustainable fashion was the last stop on that journey. Taylor had dreamed about opening her own fashion boutique since high school but after college she started working as a buyer at a fast fashion shoe company. While working there she was constantly faced with the reality of the fast fashion world. The shoes were designed to appeal to consumers that wanted to keep up with trends but were poorly made and would end up in the landfill by the next season. “The boxes would come in and I would open them and be overwhelmed by the toxic fumes.” Eventually Taylor couldn’t enable the immense fashion waste that her job created so she quit to start Les Femmes.

After her experience with fast fashion she knew that she wanted her boutique to be about more than just consumerism. Les Femmes, which translates to the women, is a representation of the community of women that she hopes to bring together with her boutique, both her customers and the designers. All of the brands she currently carries are owned and primarily run by women, often based locally in Los Angeles.

The shop is meant to appeal to both the fashionista and the sustainable consumer. The aesthetic of the shop is meant to draw people in who love fashion but might not yet care about being a sustainable consumer. The descriptions of the clothing function to educate the shopper about how that particular item is made and hopefully causes them to consider the impact of the fashion industry as a whole.


Though the shop is still new Taylor hopes that it will become a go to resource for women who love fashion and the environment. She talks of starting a Les Femmes line down in the future, using sustainably sourced and deadstock fabric.

Check out her shop to see her full selection currently featuring brands such as Ali Golden, Amour Vert, Dolores Hayes and Kristinit. Use the code HONEYANDROUGE to get 10% off.

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