All clothes pictured are vintage/recycled and provided by: The Consistency Project

One of my favorite parts of running Honey & Rouge is the opportunity to work with lots of amazing eco minded women. For this look of the week I teamed up with Teru Murao, a recycled fashion stylist and a team of badass ladies. Natasha Lo, the founder of the Consistency Project, an online vintage shop, allowed us to raid her warehouse of unique pieces to create these fantastic looks.

Teru on what inspires her to shop second hand.

1. The Hunt

I've always loved a good hunt and fight in everything I do–I tend to lose interest if things are too easy; hence I choose the chaos of thrift shopping over a thoughtfully curated, experientially pleasing store. I like to repurpose objects that have been discarded because they were ugly, misused, underused. The challenge lies in the ability to defer judgment and spot potential.

2. Terroir of Clothing

When and where a piece of clothing was made, by whom, from what, and who wore it before you, all affect what it looks like and how you feel while wearing it. I believe that good clothing ages well–that is, the quality can actually be enhanced over time. I get excited about wearing clothes with decades of history with more life experience and wisdom than I have.

3. Mitigating Waste

The average American throws away nearly eighty pounds of clothing a year, continually renewing their wardrobes with cheap fast fashion that becomes toxic landfill in poor countries. Instead of purchasing new clothing, I'd rather spend less money and shop through others' waste. My hope is to help others view second hand clothing as an exciting opportunity to exercise creativity and personal expression while reducing waste.

Credits Photography: Me Styling: Teru Makeup: Sye Style Assistant: Saige Models: Charlé & Lewane Clothes: Provided by The Consistency Project