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I Smile When I Want To

I Smile When I Want To


You lean out of a car window and tell me to smile like you know me...Like you know my inner emotions or have some right to tell me what to do.

Maybe men like you are the reason I am not smiling right now,

Trodden down by patriarchal entitlement.

The assumption that you have the right to say whatever you fucking want. Like my body and emotions are somehow yours to control, to dictate.

Perhaps the expression on my face is one of contemplation.

Does it matter?

Maybe your inability to recognize my emotion scares you, my thoughts unknown. Is a smile easier for you to decode? an easy answer to the inner workings of a human being you do not know.

I am frustrated that we live in a world where people presume to tell others how to live their lives without understanding or compassion.

Prescription without knowledge, without comprehension.

Leadership that encourages hatred and bigotry is mimicked.

Our emotions are not yours to control or regulate. I will smile when I want.. be angry when I want..cry when I want.

Does the power of our emotions scare you?

Support your local artisans

Support your local artisans

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Natural Dyeing with Upstate Clothing