From a Couch to a Purse


After graduating from fashion design school, Naomi Rachèl Timan, was stuck in a place that many of us found ourselves in directly after school, with lots of ideas and no job prospects. She began to pick up freelance jobs here and there and started to play around with making her own products. Always an avid thrift shopper and after an internship with studio JUX, a brand focused on creating ethical, sustainable products, Naomi knew that she wanted to be part of the sustainable fashion movement that was taking a hold in the Netherlands.

While helping her grandma get rid of her old leather couch, Naomi stared at the beautiful leather, in great condition aside from a few worn spots, and mourned the waste. She realized in this moment that the leather didn’t have to go to waste but could be repurposed. Naomi cut the leather off the couch and took it home to transform into the beautiful handbags she now sells under her brand Naomi Rachèl Timan.

She scours thrift stores for old leather jackets and is always on the lookout for leather couches being given away on the street, hoping to give the leather new life. Trying to avoid further pollution from the leather industry and with tons of leather going to landfills every year, Naomi found a sustainable way to make leather goods. Everything on her bags aside from the zipper is recycled, including the tag. She is currently looking for ways to use recycled zippers as well, but those are a little more difficult to come by.


When purchased each bag comes with a tag that tells you what it used to be; you wouldn’t be able to tell otherwise. Naomi Rachèl Timan bags are primarily sold in the Netherlands and online at the moment but may be distributed internationally in the future.



See her full collection here.