Chan + Krys: A Zero Waste Company


Anyone who has ever tried their hand at sewing knows how much fabric is leftover, even on a small scale. Just imagine the sheer number of fabric scraps that come from the fashion industry as a whole. Even the companies that pride themselves on being sustainable have wasted leftover fabric. Working in the industry and seeing the mass of waste spurred Chantale and Krys to start their own ZERO WASTE clothing company, Chan + Krys. After studying at FITM, in LA, Krys ended up in Philly, working at every fashion house she could land an internship at, Nicole Miller, Derek Lam, Peter Som, just to name a few. She eventually move to Manhattan and started working at M & J Trimming, a popular New York trim boutique, where she met Chantale. They had both risen through the ranks of the fashion industry and seeing the pollution and waste it created they decided it was time to branch out and do fashion “the right way”.


Chantale introduced Krys to the sustainable fashion world but in a growing sustainable industry they wanted to set themselves apart. On top of sourcing fabric ethically, keeping the production local (Chantale in NYC and Krys in San Francisco) and using eco friendly fibers they pushed themselves to go one step further and become a zero waste company.

They meticulously plan patterns to waste the least amount of fabric possible and the extra fabric gets used for chunky fabric necklaces. Krys’s apartment is filled with bins of scrap fabric that will eventually be transformed into the the zero waste necklaces.


After launching their first capsule wardrobe in Spring 2015, Chan + Krys continue to sell their pieces online and at craft fairs. They release new products every season but aim to create timeless pieces that will last a lifetime and never go out of fashion. Chantale and Krys have also met with government agencies such as the San Francisco Environmental Department as consultants to help them find ways to create zero waste in the fashion industry as a whole.

You can see their full collection here.