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Hijab Style

Hijab Style


We are at an amazing point in the feminist movement; for some women freeing the nipple is their expression of feminism while for others feminism is expressed through modesty. For Chaimae, a Muslim model & makeup artist, dressing modestly (wearing a hijab), frees her from feeling judged and sexualized based on what her body looks like. Instead, she feels it allows people to judge her based on what's in her brain. "Wearing hijab everyday reminds me of Allah (God) and keeps me humble while aiming to be the best version of my self. I am confident in my faith and that's why I feel very proud wearing it."

Modeling gives Chaimae a platform to change the portrayal of Muslim women in the media, representing where she came from and what her beliefs are based on, especially in a time when being Muslim is a almost a crime in itself.  

The hijab, however, is also part of Chaimae and other Muslim women's wardrobe and Chaimae uses it to express her own sense of style. At first she felt stuck in the same hijab styles but over time she began to style it based on how she feels each day.

Each style represents a certain mood or a certain feeling:

When I feel Cultural & Festive


When I feel Chic


When I feel Powerful


When I feel Fresh


See Chaimae's full portfolio on her instagram and youtube channel.

Leopard Print + Green Velvet

Leopard Print + Green Velvet

The Big Easy

The Big Easy