Holiday Gift Guide


It's that time of year again...time for the holiday craze. No matter which holidays you partake in, it is always lovely to give something special to someone you love. This year avoid the Black Friday madness and opt to shop on Small Business Saturday. Support your local businesses, artists and designers; your loved ones are sure to swoon over the unique treasures you find.  Here are a couple of my favorites to get you inspired. After your shopping is done, make sure the give back to your community on Giving Tuesday. Tiny Treasures

1. Colorful Enamel Pins: Big Bud Press, Wild Fang & Other Wild 2. Gradient Quill Earrings: B.Yellowtail Collective, handmade by Susanne Stewart out of porcupine quills 3. Beauty Counter Sheer Lipstick: Beautiful & moisturizing without harsh chemicals 4. Lump Shop Fun Guy Candle: Who doesn't love a cute little mushroom candle? 5. Wild Fang Woman Cards: Your hand is sure to be lucky when it is filled with badass women from Sojourner Truth to Gertrude Stein 6. Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash: Natural, sustainably harvested ingredients and a perfect scent that will keep you coming back for more


Gorgeous Gifts

1. Nipomo Luna Collection Rosa Blanket: Perfect for the beach, a picnic or a chilly winter day, this moon inspired blanket is designed in San Francisco and handmade by artisans in Mexico 2. Nicora Sinclair Boot: Made with Kind Leather in LA, the stylish Sinclair Boot is a vegan boot that everyone will love 3. Lindsay Robinson Velvet Jogger: I think description pretty much says it all...velvet! 4. Upstate Galaxy Crew Neck: Beyond your ordinary tie dye, Upstate's hand dyed sweatshirt is stunning with rich, deep shades of blue and purple 5. Poppy + Pima Sky Hat: Keep cozy in style 6. Nettle Studios Googly Boob Top: Add a little shimmy and a little fun 7. Alex Steel Cobra Kimono Jacket: An eye catching hand painted design adorns the back of this denim kimono

Credits: All photos are taken from their respective websites