Rose McGowan


Like many, my first interaction with Rose McGowan was as a badass witch in the campy TV show, Charmed (I have unapologetically watched every season). In the past months and years she has become better known for her outspoken twitter feed and her decision to forego a multimillion dollar offer from Harvey Weinstein to sign a nondisclosure agreement about sexually assaulting her in the late 1990s. After a harrowing sexual assault McGowan had the courage to stand up to both Harvey Weinstein and the culture that silenced her and so many other women for so long. Her twitter feed has become an emboldened place to call out perpetrators of sexual violence and provide support for victims of it. In a moment when almost every woman I know posted ME TOO, to experiencing some form of sexual harassment or assault, we need more women like Rose McGowan. She is creating the momentum we need to create a permanent change in our sexual culture even after the celebrity accusations fade from the public eye. McGowan's memoir Brave will be released January 30th and she has been nominated for Time's Person of the Year.