Sphinx by Anna Garréta

Distracted by a constant online presence less and less of us sit down to read books. For me books have always been a source of comfort, both a way to escape into other worlds and expand my knowledge about our own. I am starting a Book of the Month club! Bringing you a book every month that reflects Honey & Rouge's ideals. I strongly encourage you to find these books at your local bookstore instead of ordering them online. The first Book of the Month is Sphinx by Anna Garréta. Written in 1980's Paris, Sphinx is a mesmerizing love story between the narrator and their lover A***. Garréta excludes any use of gendered pronouns, quite a feat in the original french, leaving the reader with an intense tale of passion and connection. The genderless nature of the characters forces the reader to leave their notions about gender behind and delve into the intimacies of the characters' relationship. You will be enthralled with the beautifully woven love story and leave questioning how gender impacts our perception of love.

"Before leaving the dressing room, A*** always performed a few dance steps for my selfish pleasure; then we would separate. The last image I had before going to work was of the shimmering golden reflections on skin lit up by dim hallway lights and soon devoured by the shadows of the wings."