Tarana Burke


As we celebrate today, that a civil rights advocate won the Alabama senate seat over an accused sexual predator and pedofile, we must remember to thank the woman who started the Me Too movement, Tarana Burke. This movement set the stage and allowed for Roy Moore's victims to come forward and tell their stories. Burke was a rights advocate for girls of color long before the me too Movement became front page news. Her organization, Just Be Inc. works to empower girls of "all shades, shapes and sizes" , pushing them past their circumstances to find self worth that will carry them into womanhood. While working at a girls youth camp, Burke encountered a young girl named Heaven. After many group sessions, with counselors encouraging the girls to open up if they needed help, Heaven mustered the courage to privately talk to Burke; she shared that her mother's boyfriend was sexually assaulting her. In that moment Burke had a flood of emotions that stuck with her long after her conversation with Heaven ended. She wanted to comfort Heaven but couldn't muster up the courage to open up about herself. This moment was the catalyst for the me too Movement , a way to highlight the prevalence of sexual assault and let girls like Heaven know that they are not alone.

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